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Responsible gambling means making choices based on all the facts and staying in control of how much time and money you spend.

People who gamble responsibly make sure they know all the facts. They decide in advance how often they will play, how much money and time they will spend, and when to stop. Sometimes, responsible gambling is making a decision not to gamble at all.

This section provides a guide to managing your money and time, with other gamblers’ tips and advice on responsible gambling.

Gambling responsibly will keep gambling enjoyable and lower the risk of harm to you, your family or your friends.

A person who gambles responsibly:

  • Gambles for fun, not to make money or to escape problems
  • Knows that they are very unlikely to win in the long run
  • Does not try to “chase” or win back losses.
  • Gambles with money set aside for entertainment and never uses money intended for rent, bills and food
  • Does not borrow money to gamble
  • Does not let gambling affect their relationships with family and friends

Bet Exclusion & Gamstop

If you email to self-exclude, we will endeavour to reply and implement this straight away.

If, however, you haven’t had a reply within 24 hours, please call the office, who will be able to do this there and then.

Alternatively, you can register with GAMSTOP at

Bet Dispute & ADR Resolution

In the event of a betting dispute with MC LTD, please contact IBAS at

To self-exclude you can access and fill in our exclusion request form.

Other gambling addiction/therapy websites:

Client Data

When you open an account with Macbet Sports, your details are held in a secure password-protected cloud server as well as our password-protected ABETA specialised betting system.

These details are held whilst an account is active or has a positive or negative betting balance.

We retain personal information for as long as we reasonably require it for legal, accounting or business purposes. Subject to us not having a legal or regulatory requirement or a risk management reason for retaining your information for a longer period, your information will not be kept for longer than six years after you have closed your account. Please note that we may be required in certain circumstances to retain your information indefinitely (for example, under our procedures on responsible gambling and self-exclusion). We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the privacy of information is maintained for the period of retention.

Right of erasure:

You can request us to erase your personal data where there is no compelling reason to continue processing. This right only applies in certain circumstances; it is not a guaranteed or absolute right.